How the Taken for Granted was born

The Taken for Granted was born. A meteorite in the sky.

The Taken for Granted – ah! How many times did an innocent idea prove to be evil? Or when you heard something oh-so-right only to be oh-so-wrong? How often, all too often, did you believe something to be true only to stab you in the back as a lie?

Your realisation could have been the result of either reflection or coincidence, but in the Taken for Granted, we will not have room for coincidence. Even better, we are stepping this up a notch to include interaction: what good are the most creative ideas if they are not shared? Why would exciting thoughts be left to dance alone in a local club while they can be spinned by their significant others on a dancefloor as massive as the globe?

That is the essence of the Taken for Granted: Stop. Think. Share!

The Three Pillars: Stop. Think. Share!

Three men thinking.

The stop stage asks you – gently! – to slow down. Seriously, relax! Yes, you have enough time to do this. No matter how busy you are, you always have time to think about something, excluding groceries. Start asking yourself questions about – you guessed it! – the things you come across every day but take for granted. It can be anything: an object, a concept, a value, or even someone’s behaviour. This is the idea-discovery lifeblood of the Taken for Granted.

The think stage is telltale. Open your heart – you read that right – and mind. If you do not have the right attitude to questioning everything, your mind will not follow. It will not want to follow. In The Taken For Granted, we question anything, as long as it respects the code of conduct, no matter how unusual, uncommon, and far-fatched it may be. Questions are more important than answers.

The share stage is as telltale as its predecessor. It’s the most action-oriented of all the three. No matter how strong your spark is, what good is it if no one can see it glow? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Add a remark, criticise a statement, ask more questions, provide answers, and share your own vision with us. Share what you read with your friends and ask them to share what they think. Surprise them with your thoughts. Surprise us. We would love to hear from all of you.

And there you have it! We will see you on the dancefloor – as a friend, of course!

The Taken for Granted